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Carlos Salazar Lermont, Ecclesiastés 1:9, digital photograph

Collection Elizabeth Oran 

Presents a Group Exhibition:


Curated by Cesar Lopez


May 3  - July 13, 2024

Main Gallery


Kiki Serna

Marylu E. Herrera

Carlos Salazar Lermont

Sumire Skye Taniai

Alej Martinez

Samantha Haan

P.S. is an exhibition that explores the potential of text-image with artists from the region. The artists are working across an expanded field including, photography, video, sculpture, painting and poetry. 


Text and Image are used together in an increasingly flexible fashion and many disciplines and areas of study are now attempting to understand how these combinations work. This exhibition explores and analyzes the various approaches to multimodality and offers a broad, interdisciplinary survey of the text-image relation. This visual communication leads viewers into looking at the number of approaches that are used. It also brings out the strengths and weaknesses of the text-image showcased by artists. 

Visual communications include advertisement language by Skye, plain text use by Alej, ornamentation of the body with photographs by Carlos, statistics and data by Yashira Davalos, language theory by Samantha and language objects by Marylu. 

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