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Smoke Break.jpg

Joseph Sciacca

"Smoke Break"
Watercolor and charcoal on paper
16” x 20”

Joeseph Sciacca

Part of Me


March 1 - May 31, 2024

The Leedy Underground II


Part of Me is centered around a discovery of self and an exploration of internal struggles. All too often I find it hard to articulate my true feelings when dealing with intense emotions and experiences, so for this exhibition I decided to address this issue. I chose to use watercolor and charcoal as the mediums to best represent the complexity of this subject matter. The fluidity of watercolor juxtaposed by the rough texture of charcoal is used to draw a parallel to the contrasting thoughts and feelings I experience in an almost cyclical nature. I also chose to experiment with fibers to convey a more tactile investigation of my inner discord. This collection of artwork was created to not only explore and communicate my struggles, but to confront them. I hope that this exhibition inspires others to do the same.

Artist Bio:

Joseph Sciacca is an artist living and working in Chicago, IL. He enjoys working with a variety of mediums, but his current focuses are watercolor, charcoal, and experimenting with fibers. Joseph is a passionate creative that enjoys exploring the world, and his interaction with it, through artistic means. Although Joseph has been involved in the arts since a young child, his creativity flourished when attending the University of Kansas in 2015 and then graduating in 2019 with BFA in Visual Arts. Since graduating he has displayed his work in numerous galleries across the Midwest, namely Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Joseph’s work is ever evolving as his art is a constant reflection of his struggles, triumphs, and everything in-between.

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