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Re Generation Exhibition Feb-April 2024 MG (3).png


Group Show by RE: Generation

February 2 - April 27, 2024

Donna Bachmann
Sharon Hunter-Putsch

Janet Kuemmerlein
Jane Pronko

Lynn Richardson
Catherine Vesce
Diana Werts
Megan Wyeth

Carol Zastoupil

Resonance signifies that the RE:Generation collective members energize one another as a sound that is deep and reverberating. Showing together has caused us to reflect on a decade of serving as each others’s sounding boards. Our common history shared as artists. art educators and women of a certain age encourages relationships in our art as in our lives. The work we produce, however, is very distinct and unique to each individual in media, dimension, scale and content including photography; painting; printmaking and digital archival pigment transfer; drawing; collage and fiber.


The ability to evoke or suggest, ideas, memories and emotions gives resonance to our work. Both because of, and in spite of, recent tumultuous years of uncertainty - a pandemic, social and political unrest, we are committed more than ever to expressing ourselves through our art.

More important than ever is optimism that can come from creating with mind, heart and hands, making ripples that become waves, making things that will last beyond us as our time marches on. We still have much to say.

RE: Generation formed organically in 2014 as a loose-knit group drawn by common history and generational and gender experiences. While working in a wide range of media, content, styles, and techniques RE: GEN nourishes a collegial spirit that supports and challenges individual studio practices through cross-fertilization and dialogue. This juncture in our individual lives—as well as the unparalleled moment in our nation's and

planet's stories—pervades each artist's work, directly or obliquely, and emerges in themes of family, environment, and culture.

RE: GEN exhibited at the Albrecht-Kemper, St. Joseph MO in 2016 and in 2020 at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Sedalia MO. Other showings have been at Avila University's Thornhill Art Gallery and HJ's Community Center, both in Kansas City MO.

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