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a be it

New Works by Scribe and Alisa Ross

November 4 - February 4, 2023

Main Gallery

a resounding...let it be

This latest group of works from the Ross couple is their newest group of observations after one of their many trips to Nisamehe Island and the Resound Fields. The inhabitants on the island are dealing with new waves of temptations and stress in sharp contrast to the beautiful surroundings. On this trip, Scribe focuses on the hearts and minds of some unique characters. Alisa's works are lush snapshots of the beautiful landscapes and what hides in the foliage. This recent trip shows complex emotions in contrast to the soft forgotten world around them.


Recognize the stress and trauma through all of the temptations. So be it.

Rediscover the wonders created around you. Laugh again. You would think this was a resounding choice.


Fields of Mercy.





Donald “scribe” and Alisa Ross have been making art together for 30 years. 


Alisa graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and is a Fiber Artist. Her work ranges from character development for various companies to contemporary art drawing influences from nature and urban surroundings.


Scribe is most known for his iconic murals in Kansas City and internationally for the past 30 years. He has shown work around the world, designed toys and is an author of three books. He is also known for being the resident artist for Children’s Mercy Hospital for eighteen years where he focused on making art that uplifted both the visitors and employees.


The two of them often collaborate on works based on some of the writings of Scribe where the character and environmental influences are traded back and forth to create the island of Nisamehe mounted to the back of a sea turtle. 

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