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John Raux and JT Daniels

August 2nd- October 25th, 2024


Headspaces is a show about two friends getting to know the ins and outs of each other’s art processes and interior landscapes that produce their most recent work.


John Raux and JT Daniels both grew up in KCK and connected some years ago while painting murals in the Midwest. Early morning coffee conversations about each other’s upbringing and spirituality in process is the heartbeat of their collaboration.


Piecing together symbols and caricatures of personality and community, Daniels graphically layers the complexities of tradition, culture, and societal nuance into playful and uplifting collages of intersectional representation. 


Carving polystyrene pieces into lightweight stonelike forms, Raux’s sculptural painting process layers collisions and contouring colors into poetic, social, and spiritual commentary.

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