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Inadvertent Arson : Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Duegaw

"Patrick Duegaw has created a tragic, humorous, and very human theatrical experience for visitors... His deftness as a painter and his rejection of the consumption-driven values of contemporary society strike one immediately.  Figures and objects are evoked with an almost John Singer Sargent-like ease; the artist's materials are a motley assortment of salvaged sheet rock and interior moldings.  More significant, though, is the way his fable about fear and loss seems to unfold before our eyes..."  From the forward by Linda Duke - Director of the Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, Kansas.

(84 page soft cover book, 15 x 9 inches, copyright 2012)


SKU: 2016-2012-02
  • This large, 84 page, soft cover book catalogs Duegaw's paintings in wonderful detail.  The book measure 15 inches tall by 9 inches wide.

  • No refunds or exchanges

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