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Chesney Buck & Cameron DuPratte

Something Went Wrong


August 5 - September 24, 2022

The Leedy Underground Gallery II


Exhibition Statement

The body of work before you is an exploration of a primordial theme: encountering the new and unknown. By creating an eerie landscape woven together with sound design, we draw the viewer in as they are totally enveloped by the ever-evolving soundscape. The strange pinpricks of light that dot the various works guide the viewers along their journey. 


Not everything the viewer encounters is completely alien: nature blends with outdated technology in a relationship that cannot clearly be defined as symbiotic or parasitic. A coyote snarls, hair raised at an encounter with some new creature. A tree, wrapped in old wires, bears odd black fruit. An abandoned tent stands as a remnant of human life. But even in these glimpses of the familiar, the unknown lurks behind every corner, changing just a little bit every time you look away.


This work speaks to our fear of losing control. Our rapidly changing technology and constant consumerism continue unabated, altering our environment in ways both obvious and unfathomable. What will happen to us when we no longer recognize the ecosystem from which we came?



Artist Bios

Cameron DuPratte is a visual artist and sound engineer based in Lawrence, KS. His fascination with the discarded and forgotten often leads him to fill his garage with far too many useless objects. This practice informs his artistic work, which explores the layers of detritus in our lives, both physical and spiritual. 


Cameron graduated from The University of Kansas in 2016 with a Bachelors in Visual Art. Since then, he has shown at multiple galleries across the Kansas City and Lawrence areas, including showings at the KU Union Gallery in Lawrence and the Four Chapters gallery in Kansas City. Since graduating, he has developed his passion for sound and music into a career as an audio engineer, working on musical projects for himself and other artists. 


You can follow Cameron’s visual work on his Instagram page @camerondupratte and his sound explorations on @brotherspaceber


Chesney Buck, a Lawrence-based artist and taxidermist, began her practice in 2015 as an intern with VanGo Arts. There, she was introduced to her teachers and mentors: the Kansas taxidermy master, Marvin Schweda, and the University of Kansas Natural History Museum.


While working with the K.U. Natural History Museum, Chesney worked on a team of researchers who developed new and improved techniques for photographing wet mounted vertebrate specimens. Their findings were published in 2018 in the peer-reviewed journal, Copeia, and featured in National Geographic in March of 2021.


Chesney continues to utilize both experimental and traditional taxidermy techniques to breathe life into creatures of her imagination. Drawing heavily from the momento mori tradition, she strives to transform what would otherwise be wasted remains into treasured relics. 


To watch works in progress, view works for sale, and to keep updated on future events, please follow Chesney on

Instagram @chez_babba