Here and There, Now and Then

Richard Mattsson
Front Gallery
December 6 - February 1, 2020

These works were executed in response to personal experiences in my garden, Loose Park, Brookside, Kansas City, the West Bottoms, Downtown KC, and the North shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.


The unpredictable character of the ever-changing natural outdoor landscape intrigues me. I experience the event that is the sum of what is happening both internally and externally. I typically begin with an initial on-site experience that sets the painting process in motion. While I start from direct visual response to the subject, I proceed editorially with decisions based essentially on what intuitively feels right –pictorially. From the beginning, I paint holistically. Since each stroke changes the whole image in much the same way that each note alters a musical composition, I measure the effect that each stroke has on the overall pictorial composition at the moment of its occurrence.


Each work is inspired by an event/experience discovery that informs me. I am led by it. To me, painting is a kind of dancing meditation.
Its’ meaning is in the joy of doing it.


Picasso has been quoted as having said: “I don’t seek, I find!”
I fully agree with the present and discovery-oriented attitude suggested in this statement.

- Richard Mattsson

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