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Jared Green 


August 4 - September 30, 2023

Opie Gallery


Influenzers explores the familiar and yet forgettable of social media. I don’t like social media, yet I’m addicted, just like everyone else. The paintings are inspired by the jumble of images that appear in the algorithm of mindless scrolling, each vying for your attention.


I’m not interested in fashion or flowers, but too often, the same type of styled poses and cookie-cutter images continue to fill my screen day after day. I wanted to address this and pull inspiration from the same subject matter that typically doesn’t interest me, and connect the two together to introduce a new aesthetic and bring interest to the ordinary.

Artist Bio

Jared is a self-taught artist and graphic designer living and working in Kansas City. He has exhibited both paintings and drawings in various group and solo shows throughout the Kansas City area. You can view more of Jared’s work on Instagram @jaredisgreen

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