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Kris Schmolze

Artist Statement

Personal interpretation plays a great part in my creative process. I am infatuated with sound. Listening is an art in itself while seeing is another. Both have a hand in what I do. I am attempting to bridge the ideas of John Cage sound compositions with the visual representations of music Kandinsky painted by taking the audible and transforming it into something physical. Art, music, and noise create the cacophony of life. Colors, feelings, and relationships shape experiences throughout. As a multi-media maker, I find myself most alive and in the present moment while tasked with creating. 


I am painting portraits of an electrical instrument effect and then interpreting their effect on the signal of sound. An individual effect changes a sound in one way. When linked together combining effects gives a wide variety of new sounds. The form as well as the color generates the movement or feeling each effect has. Some repeat, slide out of phase or even crunch a sound into something else.


Reinterpreting an initial image through a selection of colors transforms it into something new and different than it originally was. An entire mood or environment comes into place through these choices. Reflecting the place, space and structure with color variations create its own dynamic. All of these textures, feelings, and sensations play a role thematically about how these places feel. I trust my interpretation, sense of color, form, and texture to grant a furthered form to something known now in a different way.


Combing found objects with ideas about them changes how they interact. By taking two iconic musical objects manufactured by competing companies and combining them into one object binds them together in new way. Both struggle to be superior while attempting to reach each other’s audience in completion against each other. By combining them they no longer compete with each other and now complement one another. Reinterpreting the form in different materials they transform into something other. 


Kris Schmolze is an artist and musician residing in Kansas City. He is a 2019 Artist INC Fellow. His collage work was recently shown through the Kansas City Artist Coalition. Kris was the first artist in residence at Imagine That where he made new prints based on alternative architecture, collaborated with the artists to create a mural-sized collage and had an exhibition. Kris builds inventive instruments, circuit bends, engineers recordings makes musique concrete soundscapes, sings, and plays all sorts of instruments in different groups.

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