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A Fish on Ice

Drea DiCarlo​


March 1 - April 27, 2019



Drea DiCarlo studied painting, printmaking and film at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is completing her BFA in Filmmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute.



I am interested in the way that images function as signs that inform our understanding of our world. Each image has layers of meaning--the literal, the personal, the cultural--and in combination with various contexts imposed on them, different meanings can occur; the image becomes a hieroglyph. In a practical sense though, these signs become abbreviations for complex social and personal mythologies. I am interested in the history of these images and the way that they have affected real people. In particular, I look to the way that queer and non-white bodies have been codified in controlling images--the way these bodies are stereotyped and assigned negative characteristics--and how that it has affected the dominant culture’s narrative of The Other in American consciousness.


My work is interdisciplinary and serves as a kind of vessel for my research. Through printmaking, painting, collage, film, and animation, I process research into a visually expressed conclusion. It often emerges as a somewhat humorous response to social absurdities in history and in my own life.

Caught in a Freeze Dance


Paige Edson


March 1 - April 27, 2019

Paige Edson's work questions what it means to get stuck in the loop between the brain and the body, where the gut gets tied. The body is not only a piece of biological equipment used to move us through the world, but is essential to how we learn to act, be, and know ourselves in relation to others. 


CAUGHT IN A FREEZE DANCE presents a collection of sculptural paintings and watercolors by Paige Edson as "visual devices", frozen states, and tools that bridge the gap between ocular and bodily experiences. 

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center


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