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Markel Randle.png

Markel Randle,  Untitled, Wichita, KS,  Gelatin Silver Print,  11 x 14 inches

KCAI Black Student Union Presents: Family Ties

 February 2 - 24, 2024

Opie Gallery

Participating Artists:


Kevin Hopkins . Carly Henley . Kyle Middleton . Markel Randle

Onyx Hall . Aleah Washington . Paige Bennett 

Cherline Philogene . Abwun Lee Brown . Leah Clemons


This exhibition hosts a sample of the breadth and diversity of KCAI’s Black students and the various modes of expression they operate within. As a student union, our primary goal is to create space, connection, and cultural ties for students of African descent to uplift themselves and each other and, by extension, our school and cultural community. This exhibition features work by BSU members ranging from first-year students to alumni within the community. This is done as a means to evince the vast web of narratives that encompass Blackness within our time. Grasping the extraordinary time of previous isolation and rest as a guide to self-reflection, we claim a new reality that embraces discovery and representation as the inherent need for creativity. Viewers will be allowed to witness the artist’s experiences, not as spectators peering into their lives, but as listeners to their testimonies. This exhibition will introduce the current members of the collective by exploring the self-portrait. The work in the exhibition examines how identity is portrayed through anecdotes, vocabulary, and exploration of material.


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