Hannah Lindo

The Surface Beneath

June 3 - July 30, 2022

Opie Gallery

I paint landscapes shaped by internal and external conditions I experience. I question how to make sense of and find closure in a world constantly evolving, a world where everyone and everything continuously grows. My painting process mimics my body’s movement as I create spaces of wonder and apprehension. Paint becomes my vehicle for contemplating change. I hope to remember that the act of transformation can be an overwhelming, terrifying, and surprisingly beautiful process.


What can grow does not always bloom, and what falls apart does not remain in pieces. 

Artist Statement

I explore internal landscapes constructed from my environment, the human body, memories, and witnessing change through growth and destruction. Through my paintings and drawings, I question how to handle change when no one can ever fully predict or prepare for what the future holds. I often feel lost in the transition of change and the overwhelming, terrifying, and surprisingly beautiful spaces that can emerge from both malignant and benevolent growth. My process starts with painting from observation. I study nature, self-portraits, and the human figure collecting information like color palettes, textures, and forms that later merge into unknown internal landscapes. Working in this manner allows for the exploration of consciousness and documents my reactions to the constantly changing world we live in.


Artist Bio

Hannah Lindo is an oil painter from Garden City, Kansas who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fort Hays State University in 2017 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Kansas in 2022. Lindo’s work is inspired by the act of looking and discovery, her paintings are observations from nature and the human body, and encourage the viewer to question their own intrigue when looking.