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The Hand Magazine 

Gimme Ten

March 3 - April 29, 2023

The Opie Gallery



Gimme Ten, celebrates ten years of The Hand Magazine. The show features a dozen artists from the United States and Mexico. Their work spans a range of subject matter, topics, techniques, and visual styles. 


Raul Pineda Arce will be showing work in the United States for the first time. His expertly crafted mezzotint prints address violence and loss through beautifully rendered, haunting narratives. Haley Younce creates delicate intaglio prints on tissue paper that are, “inspired by the investigation of coping mechanisms throughout [her] mental health journey.” Jeanne Arenz, Andy Holiday and Lijun Chao, Locus Chen, and Patty deGrandpre use printmaking techniques to create abstract works that bubble and twist with color and energy. Steven Mastroianni’s large scale cyanotype prints combine drawing and cameraless photographic process to create “dream-inspired micro/macrocosms”. Stephanie Kolpy, Maureen Mulhern-White, and Matel Rokke use various combinations of print and photography in their works, all of which combine animal imagery with vibrant color, architectural forms, and hallucinatory landscapes. William Hays’ multi-colored relief prints are inspired by his memories and impressions of landscapes. Catherine Kramer is the youngest artist in the show. Kramer is an MFA student at the University of Miami. Her stunning intaglio prints are inspired by botanical illustration and her visits to botanical gardens.



Founded in April 2013, The Hand Magazine is based in Prairie Village, Kansas, USA. It is owned, published and co-edited by Adam Finkelston. James Meara is lead designer and co-editor. Together, Finkelston and Meara curate each quarterly issue from submitted images from around the world. The Hand Magazine is dedicated to the support and exhibition of hand-made artworks using mechanical or reproduction-based processes. The goal is to present the most innovative and unique contemporary photography, printmaking, and collage artwork in the world. “The Hand” is about connecting artists, serving as a resource for artists and enthusiasts, and building bridges across creative communities. Let’s join hands.  More information is available on the magazine website:

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