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October 29th Combo Closing Reception Image.jpg

RENA WOOD - Echoes 


Echoes is an exhibition of fiber art by artist Rena Wood. Employing vintage textiles and hand embroidery, Wood creates artwork that honors textile histories and past makers. Over the last 8 years, each piece has been made, added to, and re-made (in some instances) to investigate the essential role that memory plays in life. ‘Echoes’ relates to the textiles and patterns, reminding us of people and places that we may have forgotten.  It refers to the reimagining of the handwork process, over and over again, to try and find meaning through obsessive making. more...


DORA AGBAS -  Story Lines​


Line, the ultimate human invention, lets us describe our environment, express our inner landscape, and allows us to preserve knowledge for the generations beyond.

The crucial part of my practice is touch, handling materials with my own hands, therefore I chose tactile yarn, rope, and cord as lines. My creative practice is a continuously evolving conversation with material. The manifestations of these collaborations are presented to the viewers with an invitation to read them as suited by their own vision, but also perhaps to contemplate how interpretation can alter meaning and intent.

In our times it is critical to think about how our eager twisting and turning of lines eventually lead to the loss of understanding and knowledge. more...

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